Monday, 23 March 2015

The most important photograph you'll see all week?

Doesn't seem like a really important photograph?
Kind of disappointing?

But it is an important picture.

Because it illustrates two really cool things that you can do today

The first thing you can do is to pray. Look at the jar that I'm holding. With some of the young men I was working with, every time a prayer was answered with a clear "Yes" we put another piece of pasta in the jar. In the book of James it says that, "You do not have, because you do not ask God." Prayer changes things.

The second thing that you can do is write a letter to encourage someone. Perhaps you noticed the card that I nailed to my door? Because I was missing the beauties of an English autumn, the card was sent to remind me that I'd be home soon. Inside was an encouraging message. There's something wonderful about knowing that a very busy person made time to write a letter to you.

Missionaries aren't machines: it's easy to get discouraged and feel forgotten. I'm so grateful for thoughtful people, who sent gifts and letters, during my time in the Kenyan desert. If you don't send any letters for the rest of your life? No one will criticise you. If you do send letters? You will be making the kind of difference that you were always supposed to make.      

Every now and then a photograph makes me sit up and take notice. Perhaps this is one of those moments. It might be the most important photograph that you'll see all week.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Some of the great guys I got to work with this year...

Job (yellow shirt), with children from 7W.
Solomon, in a min (hut).
Lowa (front right), at an end-of-term party.

Chulayo leaving his house.

Abel, outside his house.

Saying goodbye to Mohammed!

Reuben and Harule.

Friday, 14 November 2014

A kaleidoscope of colour and smiles.

Just thought you might like to see some of the people I've been spending time with in the last seven days... 

Mr Letipo (Headteacher) with his growing family.

Film afternoon for Class 7

There's nothing quite like being an individual

I was there too!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


 Did I mention that I teach some great children? 

Below are the two classes who I have been working with: Seven East and Seven West.

Class 7E with Mr John.

Girls from Class 7W

Lads from 7W: Jamal diving in. 

Lads from 7W: Galah Lito and John

Friday, 7 November 2014

The Speech

The Speech
Imagine you are about to sit the biggest exams of your life. You need to calm your mind, but you can't. You are so incredibly nervous. Now imagine that one of your classmates stands up and gives a speech...

This week, that's exactly what Chulayo did, minutes before his KCPE Maths Exam. 
Stirring stuff, as he shared his thoughts to encourage his classmates. 

If you're not able to view the photo, this was Chulayo's plan for his speech:

Be Strong and Courageous

1.When we are weak or discouraged how does God help us?
Romans 8v26 > Spirit helps us

2.When we are fearful and very anxious, how does God help us?
Isaiah41v10 > Always be with us to strengthen, help and hold us up.

3.How does God help us when we are weary and burdened?
Matthew 11v28-29 >God gives us peace.

4. Like No.1 >2 Thessalonians 2v16-17

Chulayo backs up all of his confidence in the words that come from God himself, as we find those words in the Bible.
(Check out those Bible verses - they're great!)

Inspirational stuff!

Chulayo is on the right - only a young lad!

Monday, 27 October 2014


You know the next time you complain that it's a bit squashed with three sitting in the back of the car? Check this picture out...
Off to church
The AIC church in Korr is thriving. Recently, I accompanied about a hundred youth, on the back of this truck, as we headed for the nomadic church for the Sunday service. Great trip, good times. 

It was great to see a good friend of mine, Abel, stepping up and preaching in Rendille. 
Nomadic Sunday service, in the school hall
We had time in the afternoon for lots of discussions and speeches. Abel was a busy man, co-ordinating various items.
Abel, chairing the meeting
For those who pray: please pray for these churches, the young people and leaders like Abel. 

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Snow in the desert

Not been there. 

Not seen it on TV (I don't have one). 

Never even heard of it. 

When you are teaching children who live in the desert who have no television, few opportunities to travel, and almost no access to the library of photographs we see throughout our lives, it can present some challenges when you're attempting to explain things. 

Like snow

Try explaining snow to a class of children who have never seen snow. Never made a snowman. Never had a snowball fight. Never felt that cold. 

The other day, we were talking about the correct terms for homes in an English lesson and got to the word "igloo." 

"Some people actually live in houses made out of snow."

"Teacher, no... No!" 

"Really, they do!" 

It's funny trying to convince children of the seemingly impossible, when you know that it is a fact.

"But surely the snow house is too cold? Surely the house melts?" 

I thought I'd throw the newer phenomenon of 'ice hotels' into the conversation, just to really make them wonder. For these kids, there is a huge world out there, out of reach. 

(Will any of them make a 'snow angel' in their lifetimes?) 

As the lesson progressed we moved on to bears.

"So, where does a bear live?"

"What's a bear?" 

Stupidly, I hadn't expected that question.

"Hmmm, good question." Bears in Africa. What is a bear? Who took all the bears from Africa?

Eeee, I love my job!