Friday, 7 November 2014

The Speech

The Speech
Imagine you are about to sit the biggest exams of your life. You need to calm your mind, but you can't. You are so incredibly nervous. Now imagine that one of your classmates stands up and gives a speech...

This week, that's exactly what Chulayo did, minutes before his KCPE Maths Exam. 
Stirring stuff, as he shared his thoughts to encourage his classmates. 

If you're not able to view the photo, this was Chulayo's plan for his speech:

Be Strong and Courageous

1.When we are weak or discouraged how does God help us?
Romans 8v26 > Spirit helps us

2.When we are fearful and very anxious, how does God help us?
Isaiah41v10 > Always be with us to strengthen, help and hold us up.

3.How does God help us when we are weary and burdened?
Matthew 11v28-29 >God gives us peace.

4. Like No.1 >2 Thessalonians 2v16-17

Chulayo backs up all of his confidence in the words that come from God himself, as we find those words in the Bible.
(Check out those Bible verses - they're great!)

Inspirational stuff!

Chulayo is on the right - only a young lad!

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