Saturday, 7 June 2014

We all need encouraging.

True, isn't it? We all need encouraging. But when did you last encourage someone else? (When did I?)

The encouragement I received was at a gathering of mission partners who live and work in Northern Kenya. We had all arrived in Kurungu for a weekend to pray.  
Warm-hearted folk
The sun shone. The stories came tumbling out. And I was encouraged. What a difference it makes when people really listen to you, know where you're coming from and give an encouraging response. 

I had a great surprise when I found out who I would be sharing a room with: Josh and Frazer. Because we have mutual friends back in England, I'd already received lots of information about Frazer and his team-mates, but never actually met the guy. It was a real tonic to hear another British accent and speak about familiar people and situations. He's doing remarkably well, given that his team are living almost entirely off the grid, seeking to share the love of Jesus with those who have never heard of Him. I've gotta say, I'm pretty impressed with his "missionary beard." 
Cup of tea, sir?
But the encouragement was not over. Two U.S. gals had turned up (Paige and Kim) and were going to come back to Korr to be part of our team for a couple of months. People to talk to after school? Fantastic! Okay, so one of them called me, "Dad" but we're all getting a little older now, aren't we? 
The Korr collective: Jim, Laura, me, Paige, Kim
After a couple of movie nights and campfire singing under the stars, I managed to sneak a cheeky (free) flight over the mountains and back home.

Kurungu runway

Beautiful flight
So who are you going to encourage next? 

Or, in the words of Hebrews 3v13 ... "encourage one another daily..." 

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